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There is so much more to social discounts than daily deals like Groupon and Living Social, and they don’t have to be risky, expensive or complicated. All it takes is a little bit of thinking about what you want to achieve with your discount and some creativity. Here are a few reasons and creative tactics for offering social discounts:

More American colleges and universities are using social media than ever before. According to a 2011 study out of Dartmouth[1], only 61% respondents in 2007-2008 used any form of social media. This rose to 85% the following year, 95% the year after that, and in the most recent survey, 2010-2011, 100% of colleges and universities were using social media.

It's that time of the year again. You've got a long list of friends and relatives you need to buy gifts for and you've left holiday shopping to the last minute. And by "last minute," I mean you're too late for overnight shipping and you can't (or simply refuse to) brave the hordes of other last-minute shoppers at the mall. Lucky for you, it's not 1983. Nope, it's 2011 and there are options for online gift-giving aplenty! Hooray for technology! Here are just a few ideas: