Skullcandy Channels Their Headphones Through Social Media

Having lost my headphones earlier this week, I went to work with nothing to plugin into my iPhone. Shifting to the left and then to the right, I realized that I was just about the only person in the office who was working in silence. At that moment, I knew that there must be a lifestyle company producing headphones, earbuds, and so forth, tapping into the social media stream to connect with people like me, and possibly you.

A quick search on the web for headphones brought me to Skullycandy. Unfamiliar with the brand, it was apparent from their website that they knew a lot about branding, specifically to their niche audience of snowboarders, skaters, surfers, bikers, and so forth. With a twitter handle, Facebook, MySpace, and YouTube page, Skullcandy is tapping into key social media channels.

It gets better though. Turn on Skullcandy TV to watch and listen with their “candy” plugged in or download their iPhone App to review surf and snow reports, find a skate park, or again listen to music via their free player. And later this month, Skullcandy will be releasing their first high-performance, over-the-ear, audiophile-grade headphone given the name Roc-Nation Aviator—thanks to Jay-Z.

Going social makes a lot of sense for a company in the headphones market. Every day, millions of people slump into their chairs—at home, in the office, or at the coffee shop—to send emails, update their Facebook status, send tweets, and build relationships online. Whether it’s because of silence or a means to block out distracting white noise, headphones provide a solution to both; music blocks out what you don’t want to hear and adds when you want to hear something.

Skullcandy isn’t the only headphone company with a social media marketing and engagement strategy, but I have yet to come across another with more than a 125,000 Facebook fans and a following of more than 9,000 on Twitter.

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