Hotties, RBV's and Communities

I only thought about work once this weekend; coincidentally I spent it in Vegas. Here’s a little bit more on the time work came into my mind. I was cruising up to the pool with my dogs, shirt off and suit on when I heard a mamasita calling me over. I’m used to this when I have my shirt off. So I walk over to the guilty party and ask what’s up. She says “Want a free Red Bull Vodka?” Holy hell! As many Creekers know this is one of my favorite adult beverages so naturally I agree without really knowing what I was getting myself into.

At this point I realized that this tenderoni was not trying to get my digits and buy me a drink. Her intentions became clear when I saw an iPad station in front of her. She explained that all I have to do is sign into Facebook and Like the MGM Grand Restaurants and Lounges Facebook page. I cue up my profile and Like their page with the full intention of Unliking it from my phone and coming back for more RBVs.

I’ll stop the flashback there as a story about me and unlimited RBVs may not do wonders for my professional image. This got me thinking about a problem that I’ve seen before with brands and their social networks: buying fans to inflate their fan count. I know what you’re thinking, “That’s what it’s all about, you idiot. More fans = more impressions = more $$, dumbass”. First of all, I don’t appreciate your coarse language. I understand buying fans to jumpstart a page or to promote big product announcement. But simply buying fans so you can brag about having bigger number is kind of like buying an Escalade to compensate because you’re lacking in “other areas”. Pages that grow fans through bribes generally do not have the quality communities. In my opinion the future of social media is going to be more about quality of fan discussion rather than quantity of fans. Less money may be injected into these pages, yes, but true fans will be able to congregate and customer support will happen more and more.

Obviously, I did not come into Spring Creek Group with a marketing background and tend to value a strong community on the networks that manage above all else. This may diverge from the goals of many of my colleagues in the SMM world. But my resolve is steeled by our mission here at SCG to bring fans closer to their favorite brand which means we can’t be looking at them with dollar signs in our eyes. And if you don’t agree with anything in this post, at least remember that you can get free RBVs by the lazy river at the MGM Grand. Don’t say I never gave you any useful information.

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