Blog - March 2012

I didn’t feel like writing an introduction for this, so I’m going to let THE NUMBERS DO THE TALKING!

Once upon a time, Ashton Kutcher was the unofficial celebrity face of Twitter, challenging CNN to a race to one million fans. Years later, Justin Timberlake is heralded as the potential savior of MySpace. Social media and celebrities have long had a symbiotic relationship, and lucky fans have been benefiting ever since.

There's no doubt that SXSW is one of the largest, most interesting places to head when you're looking for the "next" whatever it is you're looking for in the Interactive space.

As part of our ongoing global social series, this week we’re bringing you a look back at some of the top news stories about regional social networks during the two months of the year. Headlines this period cover new social apps, reactions to Chinese digital ID requirements, a shakeup in top social networks in Brazil and some big changes to how social data is being indexed.

It's early March and you know what that means... South by Southwest! This year, the team is incredibly excited to head to Austin and meet with clients, partners, and colleagues in the space to learn, talk about, and experience some of the very best the digital realm has to offer.