A (not so) long time ago, people looked out across the digital landscape at Facebook, Google, and the likes and saw a wide open land of opportunities that, at the time, didn’t have a large price tag attached to them. Those days are gone – but that doesn’t mean digital marketing isn’t valuable, it’s just presenting marketers with a different question: should we rent or own?

There's no doubt that search and social are moving, quickly, toward each other. Craig Lister, head of Reprise Media UK, pointed to the fact in a recent session hosted by the Guardian and mediated by Jemima Kiss.

Twitter's earnings report actually sent the stocks tumbling a bit, but not because they didn't meet revenue goals - it was the drop in growth percentage that caused a mini-panic. 

Aside from that, Twitter's growth in the past year can actually be measured by the way their products have evolved and met the demand of brands and agencies.

Here's a quick look at the numbers from Twitter's report:

It's no surprise that people are using their mobile devices more and more every day. This increase in use means consumers are doing away with single-use devices that have been staples for years. This infographic explores some of the top-mentioned things consumers are doing away with in favor of the digital versions contained on their mobiles.

Facebook's latest earnings call sent stocks skyrocketing (in contrast to the last call when a gaffe about teens leaving the site sent them plummeting). Here's a look at the numbers that jumped out at us:

Critics are quick to judge Bitcoin and the concept of virtual currencies. These technologies do indeed possess many risks. But once “cryptocurrencies” are fully baked, virtual currencies could do to transactions what the Internet did to information.

Twitter has been eating Facebook's lunch recently - and I'm loving it. They're moving quicker and breaking more things than the Facebook crew... and those things they're breaking are barriers and ad revenue goals.

One thing, though, stands in the way of Twitter and true success in the ad space - Location.

We’ve all seen the numbers about mobile usage keep going up and to the right for some time now, but for many brands, their ability to make meaningful connections with people who have interacted with their brand before haven’t made the leap from laptop/desktop to the palm of users’ hands. Twitter’s Tailored Audiences change that.


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